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To our off road jeep club

Black Hills Jeeps was started by 6 friends in the fall of 2003 that all had a common love for the outdoors, the Black Hills and Jeeps. This interest was the basis for the Black Hills XJ’s. We soon found, there was a lot of interest for an all Jeep club, this is the reason we started Black Hills Jeeps and we incorporated in February of 2004. Our mission is to promote 4 wheeling as a fun family recreation. To keep the Black Hills trails and all trails we use cleaner than we found them. To offer the Black Hills Jeeps services to the NFS if asked, to help them for whatever task whenever they ask. To offer the Black Hills Jeeps services to any emergency management services, or any clubs in the Black Hills or surrounding areas when ever they call upon us for any need to teach and educate all who want to learn to 4-wheel and the fun that can be had.

                *****Attention Jeepers***** 

   The trails are now open for use, although some gates are still closed we should be at 100% real soon. With the recent heavy rains the trails are wet and muddy posing even greater challanges and dangers. Please be cautious and know your limitations. Keep in mind you and only you are responsible for your actions on the trails, be courteous to the trails and leave them how you found them. Happy Jeepin and keep the rubber side down.


Club News

In an ongoing effort to make our Trail system better, BlackHill Jeeps is partnering with the Forest Service to continue the lengthy project of marking our trail system. As most of you know our trails have all been named at one time or another, These names are not listed on the trail maps. Most offroaders don't know these names and often find themselves in areas they shouldn't or aren't equipped to be. In due time our goal is to mark all these trails so we can all have a much safer and more enjoyable experience. If you are interested in becoming involved with this process please contact one of our club officers. Your help is always appreciated.

What's next, if that's not the question of the day, as most of you know our trail system is closed for the season. Most all major trails are closed from December 15th until May 15th. There are a handful of trails open, most of them being fire roads, check your regs. to be sure of whats available. Many of us are now repairing, rebuilding or upgrading or rigs for the next season. You can like us on Facebook to keep up with all the short notice activities as you never know when someone may want to go play in the snow.


Happening next?

BHJ Club Meeting on July 08, 2015
 Club Meeting, Food at 6:00pm Meeting at 7:00pm. See you all then.

Jon P Wermers Memorial Run on July 11, 2015
 The Jon Wermer Memorial Run is July 11th this year, Please see there facebook page for details.

BHJ Club Meeting on August 12, 2015
 Club Meeting, Time to start thinking about our winter events, Grub at 6:00pm Meeting to follow at 7:00pm.