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To our off road jeep club

Black Hills Jeeps was started by 6 friends in the fall of 2003 that all had a common love for the outdoors, the Black Hills and Jeeps. This interest was the basis for the Black Hills XJ’s. We soon found, there was a lot of interest for an all Jeep club, this is the reason we started Black Hills Jeeps and we incorporated in February of 2004. Our mission is to promote 4 wheeling as a fun family recreation. To keep the Black Hills trails and all trails we use cleaner than we found them. To offer the Black Hills Jeeps services to the NFS if asked, to help them for whatever task whenever they ask. To offer the Black Hills Jeeps services to any emergency management services, or any clubs in the Black Hills or surrounding areas when ever they call upon us for any need to teach and educate all who want to learn to 4-wheel and the fun that can be had.

                        ***** Jeep Camp ***** 

     Jeep Camp Registration is full, That's right, Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years and continue to come back, and those that are here for the first time we have reached capacity. Please remember that we are a small club and as such we have a limited amount of members that will be available to lead trails. Therefore the cap on the amount of entrants that we take. We make every effort to make your Jeep Camp the best that we can for you the participant. If you have not registered please contact us by email before doing so as we are no longer taking registrations at this time. We hope that you understand as we strive to make your participation the best we possibly can.

Thanks again

Cotty Hayes

BHJ President


Club News

  As many of you know a few trails were in need of some clean up this fall, the club had a work day at Flat Nastie's that  involved cleaning downed timber from the entrance to the middle section of the trail. We set up a Log fence at the Upper section that is closed and remarked it with signs provided by the Forest Service. Fun was had by all whom participated and clean up was a huge success. 


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