Black Hills Jeeps


These simple rules are not intended to restrict your fun in the use of your four wheel drive vehicle. Rather, they are reminders and ideas we have found which will increase your enjoyment of the greatest of all outdoor sports, while providing safety for you and your family.

  1. Safety is of the utmost importance. Safety on the trail is above pride at all times.
  2. Safety equipment is imperative. Equipment such as a basic first aid kit and fire extinguisher are required in all vehicles. CB's and/or hand held radios, tow hooks, straps, are highly recommended and will be required on some trails.
  3. While driving off-road, there is always an opportunity for Mother Nature to reach out and touch you. Therefore, any damage that occurs to your vehicle while on a club trip is your personal responsibility. Not that of the Black Hills Jeeps.
  4. Obey BLM, Forest Service rules and regulations. Driving off designated roads will not be allowed or tolerated.
  5. Show good sportsmanship on and off the trail.
  6. Always keep vehicles ahead and behind you in sight at all times while on trips or outings. We leave no Member behind.
  7. Any items pertaining to the club such as trips, events or outside activities will be reviewed discussed and/or voted on before pursuing the plans.
  8. Members work as a team and help each other out when in need.
  9. Respect each others opinions and thoughts, and keep open minds.
  10. Pets, when brought on a trip, MUST BE KEPT ON A LEASH at all times.
  11. Matches, smokes and campfires must be carefully watched and snuffed out properly.
  12. The inappropriate use of alcohol is refrained during the use of a vehicle and the responsibility relies solely on the user. There will not be any alcoholic beverages allowed on day trips. Don't throw cans, paper or other litter from your vehicle.
  13. Firearms are not to be exposed or used within two (2) miles of regular camp.
  14. Think Jeep – why? Because we cannot end on 13 rules

I have read and understand all the rules and regulations put forth by the Black Hills Jeeps of the black hills South Dakota. I understand that failure to obey all rules will result in my club membership being terminated